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Clare Flattum


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Kosmos Sighthounds

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Black, fawn, blue and red Italian Greyhounds

About Us

My little pack of dogs are family first and foremost. I occasionally breed a litter of pups and my emphasis is on healthy, sound puppies with excellent loving temperaments. Prospective owners need to prove to me that they will make excellent Iggie owners, and willl provide my pups with a loving forever home. I expect new owners to become part of the Kosmos family and stay in touch with me, and hope they all become friends. I love getting updates and pictures of Kosmos pups.

Our Breeding Environment

All my dogs are house dogs who follow me everywhere I go and who all sleep inside the house (some in my bed even!). Puppies are born in a bedroom in the house and I move in with them for the first weeks to make sure nothing goes wrong. They are raised in the house, then progress to my enclosed dog yard and later on they get to explore further afield on our five acre property.

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