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I imported the first Xoloitzcuintle into Australia in 2009, with two standards, then two more. I am not proud to say we have ALL three sizes of the breed and happy to be involved with introducing all sizes to Australia. Having been involved with other breeds with my parents showing dogs from the mid seventies, moving to Chinese Cresteds and working Narcotic Detection dogs with the Ministry of Justice for many years. I began the journey to import the breed here after years of research into breeders and breeds. I take pride in working with the best breeders who allow me to showcase the breed here at the highest level, we have the great Wazzat Aus team of people who are campaigning Multi BIS and Group winners, both imports and home bred, we take pride in the education and getting on with the job for the breeds progression in Australia, setting the path for the future.
We enjoy educating the public about the Xoloitzcuintle and look for people who are dedicated, ethical and want to join the Wazzat team to help spread the word about the Xolo breed. We attend community events, aged care and schools as well as dog shows to highlight the breed to as many as we can. Having an active Facebook page exclusively for the Xolo in Australia and encourage people to join to learn about the breed from experienced Xolo breeders and our mentors are keen to help others in this wonderful breed. I am open and honest about Health Issues in the breed with any of my dogs and choose not to hide any aspects being true as an advocate for the of bettering the breed, I am especially interested in the Temperament in the breed which inexperienced people can find hard to handle and control. The breed being primitive needs experience and action from knowledgeable people to further the breed here in Australia. In nearly nine years with the breed in Australia, we are proud to say we have had no dogs excused for bad behaviour or suspended from events at ANKC level. Temperament is paramount to a good breeding program, and we feel responsible people make the time to temperament test dogs along with health tests as a matter of course.

Our Breeding Environment

All puppies are bred at home and raised in the family home with other animals and as much people contact as we can give as this sets a solid grounding for the pups. I strongly encourage people to research the breeders and the lines temperaments and dogs history before contemplating any Xolo. We do not believe in the dogs being raised outside the home as some do and strive for the human interaction and pack training from early until they leave for their new homes. All pups are temperament assessed as we progress through stages and matched to suitable homes. All the dogs I import and breed have correct pedigrees that are all more than five generations, I do not believe in importing dogs of unknown pedigrees with less than the required three generation, and from unknown backgrounds. Please check pedigrees in the breed and the "countries" dogs are listed from are correct, it is vital the breed continues here with open breeders who are honest as a first point.

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