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Ruth Jones
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Purebred Registered (ID: 4100129478)
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Tanilbalake Cocker Spaniels

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Charlie's Owner

Bought Charlie in August 2015

  • Puppy Welfare
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  • Breeding Enviroment

I feel so blessed to have been approved by Ruth for my pup Charlie as she only picks the very best matches for her babies. I was very fortunate to come across my gorgeous boy and I believe it was fate that took me to Ruth's page that day! It was only a few days from originally meeting Ruth and Charlie and having him home with me and Ruth gave me absolutely every bit of information I wanted and needed to know in that space of time. I wasn't able to be there from the very beginning but I was able to catch up on his growth and development through Ruth's previous updates in our little group. She is incredibly knowledgable, helpful, kind and it is clear to see how much she loves the breed and every one of her puppies. She always tries to answer any questions we may have about how they're growing, what they're eating, anything. I was absolutely blown away at Ruth's thoroughness and care and she really does go above and beyond for the puppies and the families. Thank you Ruth, for giving me my best friend xo

daniel biedka

Bought Alfie in September 2015

  • Puppy Welfare
  • Communication

We have found Ruth to be an outstanding breeder, who went well and beyond the call of duty. The paperwork (and presents!) she sent to us was astounding and it was very clear that she takes the welfare of the puppies very seriously. It is also quite obvious that she abides by the regulations and best practices for both breeding and finding the right people for each puppy, by undertaking various checks and processes before even committing to selling the puppy to any particular individual.