Things to buy for your puppy

Puppy Checklist: A List of Things to Buy for Your New Dog

Things to buy for your puppy

Puppy Checklist: A List of Things to Buy for Your New Dog

Just like a newborn baby, your puppy will need all of the living essentials for it to have the most comfortable transition into their new home. We’ve compiled a checklist of items you may already have on hand, and others that you will need to purchase for them ahead of time.

Chew Toys

Chewing is a natural urge for most dogs. Give your pup a few of its own chew toys so it doesn’t resort to chewing personal or household items. Toys are not just for puppies to play with either; they help to stimulate and occupy your puppy with teething.

Leash, Collar & ID Tag

While your puppy may still be too young to take for walks, it’s still a good idea to get them used to wearing a collar and using a lead/leash just around the house. Get a collar that allows for growth and one that is durable and strong enough to withstand breaking. You should also purchase an ID tag with your pup’s name and your contact information to prepare for the worst case scenario. Practice walking them with a leash. Short leashes are more ideal for training your puppy to walk on a leash and. As they get older you may find that a longer, retractable leash may be more suitable.

Food and Bowls

Consider the size of your puppy before buying bowls and ensure that its mouth will be able to reach inside. There are various bowls that are designed for particular circumstances, for example: ceramic, plastic, stainless steel, ant-free, personalised, and eco-friendly models. A handy tip is that stainless steel collects less bacteria than plastic.
Purchase high quality food recommended by your vet or breeder. Always check the food labels for you pup to ensure its eating the best possible food for its size and age circumstances.


Before buying a bed, think about the size your pup is now and the size that it will grow to be. If you anticipate your dog to spend most of its time outside, a mat or flea free bed should be considered for outdoors in addition to its indoor bed. Add some bedding, like old towels and blankets so the puppy is as snug as a bug in a rug.

Toilet Training Pads

Training Pads can serve as a permanent solution for apartment dwellers or others who are unable to tend to outdoor toilet training. There are pads available with attractants to help your pup learn to use a particular area. Over time, move the pad toward the door and then out into the yard.

Grooming Brushes

All dogs, some more than others, require regular brushing remove dead hair and prevent matting. For longer hair, a slicker brush is recommended because its fine wire bristles are useful for removing tangles. For dense coats you might also want to consider a deshedding tool.

Flea Treatments and Prevention

Flea treatment is usually given once a month. Some flea treatments can actually control ticks as well. Talk with your breeder to learn when they had their last treatment and when the next one is due. They may also have some great recommendations for the best flea treatments as well.