Sealyham Terrier

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Other names

Adult size Small

Variants None

Coat type Medium hair

Weight 28 - 31 cm

Height 8 - 9 kg

Life expectancy 12 - 14 years

Required daily excersie At least 30 minutes

Good with small children No

Non-shedding No

Hypoallergenic Yes


The Sealyham Terrier originated in Wales and was initially bred with the purpose of helping hunters catch all kinds of small game, these animals ranging from otters to foxes. They also were used effectively as ratters, chasing and killing vermin in houses, farms, and shops. With more sophisticated methods for these tasks available today, the Sealyham Terrier now enjoys life as a trusting and loyal companion. With a dense undercoat to keep it warm in the winter, these long-bodied dogs have a particularly low centre of gravity. Highly independent, these dogs are charmers and will go to great lengths to please their owners.

Lifestyle and Living Environment

Despite their small size, Sealyhams are terriers and as such can be particularly rambunctious. They are therefore better suited to homes with older children, their energy a bit too overwhelming for toddlers and babies. Requiring only moderate exercise, Sealyham Terriers can live comfortably in an apartment type setting provided they are regularly played with and taken on the occasional walk. These dogs are particularly prone to overeating, and so ensuring these exercise needs are met is essential in avoiding health problems down the track. Their terrier personality will often shine through when in the presence of other dogs or animals, and so early socialisation is key in ensuring they keep their aggression levels to a minimum. People with small household pets be weary, these dogs having hunting instincts and may pose a threat to these animals.

Common Health Issues

Lens Luxation, Retinal Dysplasia.