Rough Collie


Other names Scottish Collie, Long Haired Collie

Adult size Large

Variants Sable, Tri-Colour, Blue Merle

Coat type Long hair

Weight 18 - 30 kg

Height 51 - 61 cm

Life expectancy 12 - 14 years

Required daily excersie At least 30 minutes

Good with small children Yes

Non-shedding No

Hypoallergenic No


Have you ever seen the famous TV series Lassie? The star of the long-running show was in fact a Rough Collie. Rough Collies are beautiful and most recognised for their lush and abundant coats. They are intelligent, dignified, sweet and expressive with their friendly disposition toward their family and strangers alike. Collies are not nervous or aggressive dogs, and all of their actions appear to be smooth and effortless. Compared to Smooth Collies, Rough Collies are calmer, more reserved, and considered to be introverts. Devoted to protecting their families, they are playful and gentle with children, and one of the most sensitive sweet dogs you’ll ever meet.

Lifestyle and Living Environment

Some barking is normal for Collies since they are in fact a herding breed. Excessive barking can be prevented by letting them participate in all family activities or, of course, training. Don't worry, training a Collie is a breeze, and a "quiet" command should be a part of its training. They are very sensitive so be sure to train them in a positive manner. Like all dogs they require early socialisation to prevent them from becoming timid. Surprisingly, Collies do not demand too much exercise. Let them run free in the backyard for at least 30 minutes every day.

Common Health Issues

Rough Collies are prone to: Dermatomyositis, Collie Nose, Collie Eye Anomaly, Progressive Retinal atrophy, Nodular Granulomatous Episclerokeratitis, Hip Dysplasia, Allergies, Drug Sensitivity.