Jack Russell Terrier

jack russell terrier

Other names Russell terrier, Rebel Terrier, JRT, Parson Russell Terrier

Adult size Small

Variants Smooth Coat, Broken Coat, Rough Coat

Coat type Short hair

Weight 5 - 6 kg

Height 25 - 36 cm

Life expectancy 10 - 15 years

Required daily excersie 30-60 minutes

Good with small children Yes

Non-shedding No

Hypoallergenic No


The Jack Russell Terrier tops the energy and working intelligence of all terriers. Jack Russells are lively, independent, and clever little dogs that will charm their way into your heart. Don’t underestimate his small size because dogs of this breed can be a handful with their natural instincts to hunt and their desire to unleash the need for vigorous activity. Jack Russell Terriers (JRTs) require patience and a sense of humour when training them, primarily as they have a mind of their own and will find their own amusements when bored. Once fully grown, they will make excellent running companions and participate in seemingly endless sessions of fetch. Cheerful yet assertive, this dog will fill your days with joy and laughter.

Lifestyle and Living Environment

A true people lover, JRTs should spend most of their time indoors with the family. We do not recommend that they live in an apartment because access to a backyard is needed for them to burn off their abundant energy. Make sure you allow for a 30 - 45 minute walk everyday for these ones. Jack Russells are happy to meet new people however when it comes to strange dogs keep them close and under control. It is important to note that this breed is known for its digging and chasing critters into the ground. JRTs are not recommended for first time dog owners.

Common Health Issues

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, Deafness, Patellar Luxation, Glaucoma, Lens Luxation.