Irish Terrier


Other names

Adult size Medium

Variants None

Coat type Medium hair

Weight 11 - 12 kg

Height 43 - 53 cm

Life expectancy 13 - 15 years

Required daily excersie 30-60 minutes

Good with small children Yes

Non-shedding No

Hypoallergenic Yes


The Irish Terrier is a dog of many talents. Packing a strong bark, Irish Terriers make for great watchdogs, and historically were also used as vermin hunters. Their intelligence, high level of trainability, and size however has allowed them to also be considered as great companion dogs. Dominant in temperament, Irish Terriers are prone to clashing with other dogs and are known for their no-fear attitude. As such, it is important that owners train them consistently and with firm discipline to establish authority. Failure to do so may result in a dog that will be very hard to handle.

Lifestyle and Living Environment

Despite their never-say-die attitude towards other canines, Irish Terriers are particularly fond of humans, and make for great playmates. As such, they are considered to be quite good with small children, and so young families need not be concerned. As is with the case with any breed however, it is imperative that very young kids are not left unsupervised with the dog. Irish Terriers are highly adaptable and as such can live in an apartment setting, as long as they are trained well and their tendency to bark is kept in-check. Irish Terriers are rather active, and require at 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day. Failure to provide this outlet will result in the dog being under-stimulated and expending this energy in a potentially destructive fashion.

Common Health Issues

Hypothyroidism, Cataracts.