Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla


Other names Wirehaired Vizsla

Adult size Medium, Large

Variants None

Coat type Short hair, Medium hair

Weight 18 - 29 kg

Height 54 - 64 cm

Life expectancy 14 - 16 years

Required daily excersie More than 60 minutes

Good with small children No

Non-shedding No

Hypoallergenic No


A close relative of the Vizsla, the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla was originally bred for use as a hunting dog, however nowadays is more than content in being a loveable companion. Extremely trainable, the Wirehaired Vizsla has great stamina, a keen sense of smell, and excellent retrieving skills, and so loves nothing more than a game of fetch at the park. Despite its hunting background, these dogs have a gentle temperament and will quickly form a strong bond with their owners. Appearance wise, these dogs are distinctive from the standard Vizsla by their wiry coat, which is usually golden in colour.

Lifestyle and Living Environment

Despite their relatively placid nature, Wirehaired Vizslas are not recommended for families with young children. These dogs are extremely energetic and so at times may be a bit too overwhelming for babies and toddlers. Their active nature and love of the outdoors means that these dogs are in no way suitable for apartment living, rather suiting a home with a large, dog-proofed yard. Their exercise needs are quite extensive, with over an hour of physical activity recommended per day. Failure to provide an environment for such activity can result in these dogs becoming depressed and in some cases destructive, and so it is of the utmost importance that owners have the time and will to sufficiently meet these needs.

Common Health Issues

Epilepsy, Hip Dysplasia, Dysphagia-Megaoesophagus, Hypothyroidism, Sebaceous Adenitis, Ectropion, Entropion.