Field Spaniel


Other names

Adult size Medium

Variants None

Coat type Medium hair

Weight 18 - 25 kg

Height 43 - 46 cm

Life expectancy 10 - 12 years

Required daily excersie At least 30 minutes

Good with small children Yes

Non-shedding No

Hypoallergenic No


Medium in stature yet strong of build, the Field Spaniel was originally bred to assist hunters in retrieving game from both land and water. Although no longer used for this purpose, their loyalty to their owners is unwavering, this rendering Field Spaniels as great companion dogs. Distinctive through their silky coat, Field Spaniels are in general darker than other Spaniels, this coat most commonly seen coloured black, liver, or roan. Particularly mischievous, Field Spaniels love to eat and are even known to steal food from unsuspecting owners. This charisma, coupled with their friendly and affectionate nature, sees Field Spaniels as the ideal family dog.

Lifestyle and Living Environment

Despite only requiring a moderate amount of exercise per day, Field Spaniels, as their name suggests, thrive in the outdoors. As such, it is recommended that people considering this breed have at very least a small-sized backyard. Their keen sense of smell and retrieval instinct may cause them to seek out pastures far and wide, and so backyard dog-proofing is necessary in ensuring the dog does not escape. Field Spaniels make for loyal companions, especially when this relationship is fostered both ways. Without regular contact from their families, these dogs are known to become both anxious and neurotic. Field Spaniels are known to be very affectionate and great with children of all ages, however early socialisation is a must to ensure that the relationship between dog and child is able to flourish.

Common Health Issues

Ear Infections, Hip Dysplasia, Allergies, Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia, Cancer, Cataracts, Ectropion, Epilepsy, Hypothyroidism, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).