Bracco Italiano


Other names Italian Pointer

Adult size Large

Variants None

Coat type Short hair

Weight 25 - 40 kg

Height 55 - 67 cm

Life expectancy 12 - 13 years

Required daily excersie More than 60 minutes

Good with small children Yes

Non-shedding No

Hypoallergenic No


An ancient breed dating back to 5th century BC, the Bracco Italiano (Italian Pointer) was developed more recently for use as a gun dog. Although similar in appearance to both a Bloodhound and German Shorthaired Pointer, the Italian Pointer has a vastly different personality. Cool, calm, and collected, these dogs make for great companions and thrive off human contact and affection. Always aiming to please, the Italian Pointer is highly intelligent and therefore highly trainable in a variety of ways. In terms of appearance, these dogs have large lips, long ears, and a white coat often spattered with shades of either orange or brown.

Lifestyle and Living Environment

Despite its large size and hunting application, Italian Pointers are docile in temperament and are renowned to be particularly protective of children. As such, families with babies or toddlers need not be discouraged from this breed. With energy to burn and a love for running and swimming, these dogs are in no way suited for apartment living and require a large backyard to truly flourish. At least an hour of exercise per day is necessary for Italian Pointers to remain mentally and physically stimulated - failure to provide this exercise can result in these dogs becoming destructive out of frustration. If socialised at a young age, these dogs can co-exist peacefully with all kinds of different animals, even cats.

Common Health Issues

Hip Dysplasia, Kidney Problems.