Australian Terrier


Other names Aussie

Adult size Small

Variants None

Coat type Short hair, Medium hair

Weight 6 - 7 kg

Height 25 - 26 cm

Life expectancy 14 - 15 years

Required daily excersie At least 30 minutes

Good with small children Yes

Non-shedding Yes

Hypoallergenic Yes


Spirited and self-confident, the Australian Terrier is the smallest of the working terriers. With their upright ears and shaggy coat, they are jumpers and runners who have strong instincts to chase small animals including squirrels, rabbits, mice, and cats. They are not yappy however they will bark when necessary. Often these Aussies are so attached to their families that they will match your mood, going as far to snuggle up with you on the couch when you are feeling down. They have a special affinity for the young, elderly, and disabled. If left alone in the back yard, they will take the opportunity to tend to their favourite pastime – digging. The Aussie Terrier may be small but they possess the confidence similar to that of a large breed.

Lifestyle and Living Environment

Keep in mind that these dogs have strong hunting instincts and so a fenced yard is a must if you want to keep them safe and protected within your property. Because of the fact that all terriers can be bossy and aggressive around other dogs, socialisation from the start is recommended. When training your Aussie, remember that motivation is key and they will refuse to work for free. Start crate training as a puppy and they will become accustomed to traveling and sleeping in their safe haven. Provide a few brisk walks a day to keep them happy and healthy.

Common Health Issues

Patellar luxation, Legg-perthes, Diabetes Mellitus, Allergies.